The Lacrosse Australia Foundation inaugural Board of Directors was appointed in May 2016.

The purpose of the LAF is to:
  • Raise Income for the purpose of building a capital-protected fund
  • Use income & investment earnings to assist and support the work of the ALA for ALA & LAF approved & endorsed lacrosse development programs & promotions.

The LAF is income tax-exempt and offers tax deductibility to donors via an affiliation with the Australian Sports Foundation. If you are not in need of a tax deduction for your donation you are encouraged to donate directly to the LAF.

Membership to the LAF isĀ  open to Lacrosse Australia and any of the LA Member (Full) Associations, currently they are – Lacrosse WA, Lacrosse SA, Lacrosse NSW & Queensland Lacrosse.

Board Structure

The Board of Directors consists of 4 elected members and 1 director appointed by the Board.

Board of Directors

  • Fran Maunton – Chair
  • Vivienne Parker-White – Vice Chair
  • Erin Gregory – Social Media
  • Jesse Bowland – Finance

1 position on this Board is currently vacant.

Project Funding

Project funding applications are received for consideration via the ALA Growth Advisory Council.

If you have a program that you would like to be considered for funding, contact your local Growth Advisory Council representative to discuss the way forward.

Program Application Process (2021)

LA GAC-Project Submission_Assessment Form


LAF Constitution

Constitution – Lacrosse Australia Foundation, as adopted 12 November 2019 (1)


Annual Reports

2021 Annual Report (Chair)

2020 Annual General Meeting Minutes

2020 Annual Report (Chair)

2020 LAF Financial Statements

2020 LAF Audit

2019 Annual General Meeting Minutes

2019 Annual Report (Chair)

2019 LAF Financial Statements

2018 Annual Report (Chair)

2018 Annual General Meeting Minutes

2018 LAF Financial Statements

2017 Annual Report (Chair)

2017 Annual General Meeting Minutes

2017 LAF Financial Statements

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