Impact Lax

IMPACT LAX is a community of people who want to grow the game of lacrosse in Australia by supporting programs that will nurture and develop lacrosse. We believe by collectively giving financial and intellectual resources we can have a major impact on the development of the game both now and into the future.

Through your support and IMPACT LAX we will generate the financial resources needed and set an example for others to follow in supporting the the vision to invest in the growth of lacrosse in Australia.


The IMPACT LAX idea is simple: we aim to acquire 100+ members who each donate $1,000. The donations are combined to make high impact grants to fund programs and projects that will grow lacrosse in Australia.

All donations are fully tax-deductible* and will be pooled collectively to make the most effective impact. Membership to IMPACT LAX is renewable annually.


The Lacrosse Australia Foundation looks for projects that will deliver growth, demonstrate high impact and make a measurable difference to the game of lacrosse in Australia. As an IMPACT LAX member you will have the opportunity to have a say in which projects receive funding.

The Growth Advisory Council of The Australian Lacrosse Association will present projects based on their priority, the funding required and impact.


As an IMPACT LAX member, you enjoy:

  • A ticket to Australian Lacrosse Association’s Annual Recognition Dinner
  • Recognition in the Lacrosse Australian Foundation’s Annual Report as an IMPACT LAX member
  • Exclusive invitations to all national events hosted across the country.

Being a part of raising $100,000 is extremely satisfying and rewarding. Through your generous donation you will;

  • Share in the giving process with others and be part of a powerful community
  • Enhance your giving and make a measurable impact
  • Give strategically and know your donation is making a difference
  • Gain a greater understanding of the challenges in growing our game
  • Meet like-minded people from our Lacrosse Community
  • Take part in the power of giving that is philanthropy.

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