The Lacrosse Australia Foundation inaugural Board of Directors was appointed in May 2016.

The purpose of the LAF is to:
  • Raise Income for the purpose of building a capital-protected fund
  • Use income & investment earnings to assist and support the work of the ALA for ALA & LAF approved & endorsed lacrosse development programs & promotions.

The LAF is income tax exempt, and offers tax deductibility to donors via an affiliation with the Australian Sports Foundation. If you are not in need of a tax deduction for your donation you are encouraged to donate directly to the LAF.

Membership to the LAF are determined as representatives provided by the ALA and the three largest Member Associations, calculated by reference to the number of registered players in the immediately preceding financial year ( currently being Lacrosse SA, Lacrosse Victoria & Lacrosse WA)

Board Structure

The Board of Directors consists of 8 directors, with 2 appointed by each of the members, of which one from each must have a primary involvement in women’s lacrosse and the other must have a primary involvement in men’s lacrosse.

Board of Directors

  • Fran Maunton – Chair
  • Michael Gates – Treasurer
  • Karen Mau – Secretary
  • Vivienne Parker-White – Board Member

4 Board positions are currently vacant.

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